COVET: Baroque Hair & Nails Salon

I am often asked where the best place is to get gel nails done. If you are willing to pay the right cost for a good job that will last up to 3 weeks I recommend no other place than Baroque Hair and Nails. They are a Japanese run salon near Regent Street and Oxford Circus in London hidden away on Pollen Street. If you are going away on holiday and want your nail colour to last the whole stint I would strongly advise forking out for it. Baroque has a relaxing atmosphere and despite the staff and most of the clientele being Japanese you will not feel awkward or out of place. When getting your nails done they take every care and pay such special attention, and since gel nails take longer to apply (they must be cured under a UV light) they also have a portable DVD player on repeat to keep you occupied (although they seem to only continuously play Legally Blonde and Devil Wears Prada!). When booking ask for nail technician Keiko. Prices start from £55.

Baroque Hair & Nails, 4 Pollen Street, London W1S 1ND – Tel: 0207 629 3940


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