DO: HD Brows

Earlier in the week I impulsively booked myself in for the relatively new treatment for HD Brows. I’m always striving for perfect symmetrical brows but have never had them done by another, I guess in fear that they’d mess them up! The treatment follows a 7-step procedure (but for the life of me I couldn’t quite count them) which includes, tinting, waxing, threading and plucking and all make for a very striking clean brow. My eyebrows are already shaped so the outcome wasn’t going to be as effective as someone who has never shaped their eyebrows before. Therefore because of the expense (I paid £40!) I would only recommend HD Brows to someone who has untouched eyebrows or if you’ve gone pluck happy (and can endure ‘growing’ them out for a couple of weeks), the end result is more dramatic and worth the money. Nevertheless, I was happy with the result and aim to upkeep with just good old cheap and cheerful threading.

Visit the website to find your nearest HD Brows technician


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