COVET: Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

Since my extremely expensive mammoth tub of Creme De La Mer ran out I have been trying to justify buying another but at £95 for the smallest tub you can imagine my reluctance. I wanted to try the gel version since I have oily skin and felt that the original cream may be too rich.  At my last visit to my local beauty salon my beautician said my skin was a little dry and used the Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream on me. She sent me off with a sample of their serum and cream but since I get overexcited about products that actually work, 3 days later I bought a pot! At £31 it isn’t cheap but its still a fraction of the price of Creme De La Mer. Although the cream states its for normal to combination skin after only one week of using it I’ve found my skin to be smoother, brighter, more supple and somehow less oily! Cannot fault it.

Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream, £31 (50ml)


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