COVET: Tassimo T20 – Hot Drinks Machine

We easily spend £60 or more a month on hot drinks to go which is kind of ridiculous! My work place has a Nespresso machine but unfortunately I don’t drink coffee much and for some reason when I do I can only hack Kenco (what can I say, I’m peculiar!). Therefore, I drink a hell of a lot of hot chocolate and tea. I did a quick Google search to see if there was a Nespresso type machine that does all of the above and low and behold! How did I not find this sooner?! The Tassimo have a few machines but the T20 being their classic. Available in white and black you can even accessorise with coloured inserts in Mint Blue, Strawberry Red, Hazelnut Brown, and Lime Green. Now the best part is their range of drinks that come in what they call T-Discs. Brands include Costa, Kenco (!), Cadbury, Twinings and more! Take a look for yourself by clicking here!

I have a few John Lewis vouchers left from my birthday, so I know what I’m getting! Whack it in a travel mug. Done. Cheaply.

Tassimo T20, £99.99


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