DO: StickyGram – Turn your Instagram photos into fun magnets

I personally think that the digital age of photography let’s us take our photographic moments for granted and therefore we never think to print them anymore. I have so many empty photo frames and wall space that I have now decided to be more diligent and display the photos I love at home, not just on Facebook where they’ll be forgotten. StickyGrams are fun ingenious ways to bring to life some of the Instagrams you love (or ones you thought were so artsy!). They are cute little magnets about 5cm x 5cm and are printed in sheets of 9 with your choice of your Instagrams. $14.99 (about £10) and shipped within 24hrs for free worldwide, can’t be simpler!



If like me you want to start printing your favourite iPhone or Instagram photos, i use Pixum who offer a huge range of printing needs. There are many online photo printers but I find Pixum so easy to use, fast and more importantly they print square pictures!


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