DO: ME Hotel London


Radio Rooftop Bar


Nine Storey Atrium


Marconi Lounge

I love a rooftop bar! Over the weekend I came across a new hotel (only opened in January) with the most impressive interior I have ever seen! The lobby opened out into the Marconi Lounge which is a cool almost space age looking bar. On the first floor is the Nine Storey Atrium, a stunning 80ft high skylight where hotel guests can enjoy a complimentary welcome drink at the champagne bar and the incredible projected moving images against the huge slanted glossy walls. At the top where the skylight meets the roof is the Radio Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. The views over London are impressive but especially when you can look down into the skylight from the 10th floor down to the 1st floor! Open until 3am, this just may be my new favourite bar!

ME London, 336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA


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