She might be hailed as the new Rihanna but to me… Blonde hair, red lipstick, cropped vests… she has an element of an old school Gwen Stefani.


IDOLISE: Natalie Wood (1938 – 1981)

Natalie Wood died November 29, 1981. 30 years after her untimely death by ‘accidental drowning’ the case has been reopened due to new witness statements. Eerily her mother warned her as a child that she would meet her death by drowning in ‘dark water’ which her sister says was the beginning of a deep rooted fear of the water. No one will really know what happened that night on the Splendour other than her husband Robert Wagner and Natalie herself.

Although Natalie was a child actor she came into her own in the role of a lifetime opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (1955). Thrice nominated for an Oscar she will forever be recognised in her most famous role as Maria in West Side Story (1961).

IDOLISE: Annie Lennox

No one did androgynous quite like Annie Lennox. Beautiful, smart and oh so talented, Annie has always been ahead of the game leaving modern-day pop divas like Lady Gaga looking like cardboard cutouts of their idols.

The Victoria & Albert Museum have collaborated with Annie Lennox on a current exhibition showcasing her 4 decade career through her costumes, personal treasures and interviews. Open now until 26th February 2012.


I don’t need to tell you to listen to Adele, you probably already do. But how amazing is her hair and make-up right now? I’m currently obsessed with her look at the Brit Awards last month when she smashed her performance of ‘Someone Like You’. Classic up-do, thick black liner, fluffy lashes, sculpted eyes and cheeks, semi-glossed nude lips…

Clearly influenced by 60’s glamour, I cannot take my eyes off of her perfectly groomed face. Click here for another performance and signature look from Adele.